Editorial Services

With 14 years experience teaching Reading and Language Arts, Barbi has been writing and editing curriculum since 2007, and she is well-equipped to meet your editorial needs. As a writer, she is ready to edit, proofread, or even ghost write your project.



Your project is written, but you are not sure if the text conveys your message. Professional editing makes the difference between text that merely informs and text that  can move and inspire. Barbi can edit your content and make your writing sparkle.


Proofreading/Copy Editing


Your project is finished and the content is correct, but you need a final set of eyes on it to make sure all those pesky commas are in the correct place and the words are spelled properly. Even the most sophisticated writing program doesn't catch everything. Barbi can proof your copy and make sure it is print-ready with the best word choices and correct grammar and sentence construction.



You have a great idea or extensive expertise in your field, but you are not a writer. Work with Barbi on your project. She can pull your information together and make your vision become reality.