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Educator Resources

With 14 years of experience teaching Reading and Language Arts, Barbi has been writing and editing curriculum since 2007.

At the Library
Reading Comprehension


Comprehension is more than simply understanding words on a page. Children not only gain information through strong comprehension skills, but they understand other perspectives and worldviews. Robust activities can encourage students to think beyond the written word and shape their own ideas. 


In the Classroom
English Language Arts

When we can clearly communicate through the written word, our ideas can go beyond us. Teach students to use the tools of grammar through fun, effective activities so they can look forward to sharing their important ideas through writing.

Teen Prayer Group
Christian Resources


When Bible stories are reimagined, they can teach the basic tenets of the Christian faith in an entertaining prose, and learning Scripture becomes fun. Young people can practice reading and writing skills and be challenged to think about what they believe and why when they experience Bible stories in new ways.

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