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What Are Pronoun Cases?


“Me and Keenan want to play basketball.”

“Please say, ‘Keenan and I want to play basketball.’”

“Her and Rachel keep talking.

“You mean, ‘She and Rachel keep talking.’”

Are you tired of correcting bad English in your classroom because your students do not know how to use pronouns correctly? Subjective and objective case pronouns standards may not even be addressed in your grade level, but you should still teach and reinforce the skill so students can correctly write sentences with prepositional phrases and pronouns. Instead of giving students a pronoun case worksheet, use this hands-on activity again and again.


These Pronoun Task Cards allow students to study and practice the correct use of subjective and objective pronouns without taking up valuable classroom teaching time. The colorful kinesthetic approach will enable students to visually learn the difference between a subject and an object. They will learn how to use singular and plural pronouns as they move word cards around to complete sentence frames or create their own sentences. Opportunity to write their own sentences on paper will also re-enforce much needed handwriting practice in our ever-increasing technological world.


Included in this Lesson

  • Instructions
  • 12 Task Cards
  • 8 Subjective Pronoun Cards
  • 8 Objective Pronoun Cards
  • 7 Verb Cards
  • 7 Conjunction and Cards
  • 14 Name Cards
  • 13 Preposition Cards
  • Terms of Use


How to Use This Product

Simply print the pages on copy paper using colored ink. Cut out and laminate the task cards and word cards. Then bundle the activity in a box or folder for individual checkout.


Use for:

  • individual study
  • partner work
  • small group intervention


Soon, your students will be speaking and writing pronouns correctly!

Subjective and Objective Case Pronouns Activity

  • 4th - 6th

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