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FREE--Spelling Rules Bookmarks--FREE!


Students will love these easy-to-print bookmarks with helpful spelling rules. Contains four sets of beautifully designed bookmarks. Each set has a different basic spelling rule to help kids in grades 3-5.


Spelling Rules with Examples

Spelling rules with examples printed on the bookmarks make learning easy.

  • Change y to i then add . . .
  • i before e, except after c . . .
  • Use -ck after a short vowel.
  • Some Silent e jobs . . .


Ways to Use Bookmarks in the Classroom

  • behavioral incentives
  • prizes for games
  • classroom store
  • spelling contest rewards
  • review spelling rules


Included in This Resource

PDF with 20 ready-to-print bookmarks and instructions for printing.

Spelling Rules Bookmarks

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