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Preparing to teach the 4-year-old children in my Sunday School class about when Jesus came to call Matthew to be a disciple, the only Scripture reference in the lesson was Matthew 6:9: And as Jesus passed on from there, He saw a man, called Matthew, sitting in the tax office; and He said to him, Follow Me!” And he rose, and followed Him.


Looking for more details on this event, I read Luke 5:27: And after that He went out, and noticed a tax-gatherer named Levi, sitting in the tax office, and He said to him, “Follow Me.”


These two scriptures prompted two questions: What would make a Jew become Levi the tax-collector, hated by all? What would make this man respond so promptly to follow a strange teacher, even if He is the Son of God? I thought, there must be more to this story, a lot more. After considerable research, I imagined how the events might have happened. This narrative was born out of that imagining.


18 pages, printable PDF

Namesake: The Call of Matthew

  • 5th - 8th, Homeschool

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