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Learning Cursive with Phonics is a video cursive writing course that presents a review of the 70 phonograms of English. Students see a demonstration of how to form cursive letters, then they connect the letters into words. Students also learn to read cursive as they learn to write sentences.


Why I Created the Program

In 2013, I lost my youngest daughter. She was 23; her son was 2 years old. I’ve continued raising my grandson as I processed my grief, and part of my personal grieving process included journaling to my daughter to “tell” her about her young son. Now, ten years later, I had the antics of his entire childhood recorded, written in cursive. But my grandson could not read cursive handwriting.


Where Did Cursive Instruction Go?

I considered that the world was shut down for two years while teachers scrambled to keep their students on track. Cursive instruction in schools was put on the back burner, and as a result, many students, including my grandson, missed a wonderful opportunity to learn a necessary skill. So, I created a program that teaches how to write in cursive step by step to help educators get back on track without taking up valuable lesson time.

Students will complete the course in 18 short sessions but mastering the cursive writing method will take considerable practice. Ten additional pages of writing prompts are included in the cursive worksheets. A print-on-demand workbook is available on Amazon.


Our Successful Ending

I’m happy to report that, after completing the program, my grandson has been successful in reading my journals written to his mom and has been enjoying the stories of his childhood.


How to Use This Product:

  • Individual Study: Students can watch videos on the electronic device and practice the instruction.
  • Small Group Study: Oversee instruction as small groups watch videos and practice cursive.
  • Whole Class Instruction: Present videos to the whole class and facilitate instruction as needed.
  • Spalding Instructors: As a certified Spalding instructor, I have designed the program to complement Spalding’s The Writing Road to Reading. The Teacher’s Guide presents instruction for Spalding instructors. However, any educator can use the program.


Included in This product:

  • 18 Teaching Videos
  • 1 Introductory Video
  • 32 Printable Student Worksheets
  • Teacher’s Guide (23 pages)
  • Spalding 29 Spelling Rules

Learning Cursive with Phonics: Phonics-Based Cursive Instruction

  • Videos: MP4 files

    Teacher's Guide and Student Worksheets: PDF


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