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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Strategies: Text Structures


Are you teaching comprehension to struggling readers? Do you want to know how to help students improve reading comprehension? Begin by teaching strategies to improve reading comprehension.

Being able to identify text structures is one strategy that will help struggling readers organize informational text.


Authors use a variety of text structures when writing nonfiction text. These include:


  • Cause and Effect
  • Chronological, Process, or Sequential
  • Problem/Solution
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative


In this lesson, students will read two original informational passages about mushrooms that create a glow at night that is known as fairy fire. Students learn how to identify text structure with teacher-guided instruction while filling out information on a graphic organizer. Then they practice the skill on their own.


Included in this Lesson:


  • Teaching Tips for Teachers: “What Students Wish Their Teachers Knew About Teaching”
  • Teacher’s Guide with lightly scripted instruction
  • Two original one-page informational passages
  • 3-page annotated Text Structures graphic organizer
  • 3-page blank Text Structures graphic organizer
  • Answer Key


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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Strategies: Text Structures

  • 5th - 6th

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