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Finished: An Easter Story Reimagined


Your students will stay engaged with this resurrection lesson when you teach “An Easter Story Reimagined.” The heart of this Easter lesson for youth in Grades 6-8 is an original 3-page story written in the tradition of a literary midrash. Literary midrash is a type of historical fiction used by rabbis to tell an imaginary story that fills in the “gaps” seen in the scriptures. “Finished” transports readers into the life of a carpenter and his son to learn a surprising nuance of the resurrection.


No Preparation Needed

The 21-page Teacher’s Guide contains a resurrection lesson plan for a busy teacher who needs to present a familiar biblical story in a new way. You don’t have to put in hours of preparation with this Teacher’s Guide. All the information needed to teach the lesson is in the guide.

Written for grades 6-8, before, during, and after reading activities ensure students learn grade-level vocabulary, establish appropriate background knowledge, engage comprehension, and think deeply about the story and its principles. Lightly scripted blue text helps you ask Think Deeper questions that guide students to think about their faith.



Optional Extension Activities in this lesson give students the opportunity for a hands-on discovery project or a creative writing assignment.


Suggested Pacing Guide

Given a 45-minute class period, the lesson could cover 5 days.