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In this lesson, students will explore what character development is through the short narrative "Contagious Kindness," which shows how one person's unexpected act of kindness ripples through a quiet neighborhood. By teaching character development using the mini-lesson, students will learn how to recognize how characters change to better comprehend any story.


Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide contains everything needed to teach the lesson, including a mini lesson for teaching character in literature. Think Deeper questions guide students in exploring how a character changes in a narrative. Worksheets include vocabulary practice and questions for comprehension along with a graphic organizer for exploring character development. The graphic organizer can be used with any narrative passage in future lessons.


Extension Activities

Extension Activities give students opportunities to explore ways to be kind by utilizing different learning modalities, including connections to social studies, a “random acts of kindness” challenge, art, and journaling.


Included in This Package

The 18-page PDF is ready to print 2-sided in color on regular copy paper. Copies of the student worksheets and the story can be made separately in black-and-white. The guide includes the following:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Table of Contents
  • Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Comprehension Worksheet
  • Answer Keys
  • Character Development Graphic Organizer
  • “Contagious Kindness” Narrative Passage (477 words)

Contagious Kindness

  • 5th - 6th

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