My 7-Day Cleanse: Day 7

I've made it to day seven, and I didn't wake up one night chewing on my foot from hunger. In all honesty, I didn't really have any horrible hunger anxiety. Even that 4-6 p.m. bewitching hour didn't take a toll on me. I generally prepare a quick appetizer to get me through my dinner preparations. Watching my grandson eating his afternoon snack didn't even bother me, and when he politely and generously offered to share his saliva-slimed cookie or cheese or cracker, I politely declined. In the past, I've been known to devour the cookie, slime and all.

But it took me until Day 7 to finally make a decent green smoothie, one that was actually smooth and not chewy. However, the chewy green smoothies did have their place. My daughter (who followed more of the cleanse protocol than not) told me what she missed most was chewing. I have to agree. My lunchtime protein shake fluffed up like mousse, and I had to eat it with a spoon. Had it been a dark chocolate flavor, I would have been in heaven. I was not in heaven. But neither was I famished.

You may be wondering what I possibly hoped to accomplish by depriving myself of three square meals a day for a week. While I've always led an active and mostly healthy lifestyle from my junior high shool year when I planted an organic garden in my parent's backyard (Tom Landry was The Cowboys' coach and Roger Staubach their quarterback), about seven years ago I dived into the deep end of good health and nutrition with the help of a holistic doctor. As I brought everything back into pristine balance, I had more energy and began reaquainting my half-a-century old muscles with flexibility through yoga. Despite the pressures of work and family and friends, I began to juggle those balls with strength and confidence. Then came the phone call. "Hey, it's your brother. Looks like I have lung cancer." Then, "Mom, we're going to the hospital. We'll call you when the baby arrives." Then came another phone call. "I'm your aunt's neighbor. She's in a really bad way. Somebody needs to come get her." And finally, "Mom, I'm pregnant." Within six months, I became a grandmother, the guardian of an 89-year-old Italian woman, buried my brother, and prepared to be a labor coach. For some reason, over the next two years, I seemed to lose control of the juggling balls. I don't know why. [FYI, when you're over 50 and miss a few days, OK weeks, of yoga, you're likely to stiffen up like those men looking at Medusa.]

So, just as when one gets behind on laundry and finds herself waking up under a mound of clean clothes that still need to be folded or hung up [please tell me I'm not the only one who does that], I have decided to do some heavy-duty cleaning. Food is just one part, but it's the easiest part to begin making changes. While it's not even the primary part, it does give a strong platform for all other health to operate: spiritual, emotional, and relational. My spiritual health has only been increasing in strength over the last 30 years; otherwise, I hate to imagine where I'd be today. But to help get all the balls up and energetically juggling again, I am working with two lovely ladies, Tawney and Stacie, who created "Hot, Moody Mess." They "offer guidance and support to the everyday woman like [myself] to get hotter, healthier, and happier." This is not a one-hit-seven-day wonder for me. It's the first chapter to a 60-day health and wellness program a beyond. [Don't worry. I don't intend to blog about health and wellness for 60 days. I have cute grandkids to write about!]

Tomorrow morning, I will begin my revamped health regimen by treating myself to wheat-free, dark chocolate chip pancakes and hot coffee (after my green smoothie!) while I make gluton-free cupcakes to enjoy at my granddaughter's third birthday party. My grandson and I have had a great day preparing for his cousin's party. My daughter, an accomplished amateur baker, has created a beautiful Finding Nemo cake that sits in the refrigerator for the celebration. She made (and enjoyed! cheater!) a practice cake earlier in the week.

And tonight, I am enjoying the end of my 7-day cleanse in the same way I began it. Hey! Red wine contains resveratrol, a healthy, anti-aging component. Cheers to seven days of clean eating and many more of balanced living!

[For more information about Hot, Moody Mess, check out their Web site at]



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