My 7-Day Cleanse: Day 1

I started a 7-day cleanse today, designed to bring my spirit, soul, and body back into balance. At six o'clock this morning, as the last remnant of my dream left and was replaced by hunger pains, I began contemplating what Sunday morning breakfast I would prepare. Scrambled eggs and biscuits with the special honeys my daughter gave me for my recent birthday. Or pancakes with pure maple syrup. Mmmm, some bacon would be nice, but we don't have any. That's when I remembered--today is the first day of my cleanse! Whoohoo!

At least my daughter would be joining me in this adventure. I would have moral support. Yesterday, I gathered $68 worth of brown rice, vegetables, and almond milk. My daughter contributed a $45 vegan protein powder. The only thing we lacked was a bonefide juicer. With two blenders at hand, I prepared our morning juice of filtered water, spinach, kale, apples, and bananas in the most powerful blender. I poured the concoction, touted to put us in a good mood, into tall glasses. The thick, green "juice" plopped into place. Rebekah took a gulp of hers; I used a spoon to taste mine. If you've never tasted green glop early on a Sunday morning when you can still smell the imaginary bacon you've been dreaming about, you might not be able to relate. All we could do was grimmace at each other. "Maybe if we had a real juicer," my daughter offered. Looking at the recipe, I was excited to see that I had shorted us one banana. We poured our glop back into the blender. Had the missing banana been ripe, it would have been better. Everything was green.

My two-year-old grandson came up with his little cup insisting on his share. I gave him a taste on the tip of my spoon, and he grimmaced as well. When I offered to pour some into his little cup, he almost stumbled over a chair trying to make a quick retreat from the greenness. As he enjoyed Cracklin' Oat Bran and a less-than-ripe banana and milk, we gulped our juice. Rebekah discovered a drinking straw facilitated the process. It did help.

That was as far as my daughter made it. She missed the first church service because she had "to stop at the bank." No doubt to get money for donuts. I made it through morning Bible Study with two glasses of water for company. Communion always helps my spirit and soul, but this morning my body was grateful as well for the little wafer. Manna must have been a tasty treat to the Israelites those first few mornings of their desert wanderings. I could hardly wait for my vegan shake at lunch. With almond milk and half a banana that had ripened a little during the morning, I was feeling hopeful until I saw the mixture thicken and turn slightly green. It wasn't bad. I ate a whole glassful. I didn't see my daughter and grandson the rest of the day. So much for moral support.

Dinner consisted of brown rice and sautéed vegetables. Lots and lots of brown rice and lots and lots of vegetables. And more water. I looked at the open bottle of red wine on the counter by my wine refrigerator. I figured the little bit left in the bottle would be vinegar by the end of the week, and we all know that being wasteful is not good. I emptied the bottle into a wine glass. At least I have ended the day better than I started it. Cheers to six more days of clean eating!


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